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The LEAF: Your experience so far...

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Written on: 12 April 2011 [21:28]
Topic creator
registered since: 20.07.2007
Posts: 586
Hi LEAF drivers,

We at the Green Car Network would like to know your experiences with the Nissan LEAF. Tell our members what you think about the car and if you own one, let us know what's it like to drive it.

Written on: 19 July 2013 [11:52]
registered since: 26.04.2008
Posts: 35
Having owned and run two Hybrids (Insight gen 1 and Prius gen 2) over the last 10 years it was finally time to take the next step and go full electric. Three months ago I purchased a new Leaf and what a revelation its been I have finally stepped into the 21st century.
The cars silence is deafening you can even hear a passengers tummy growl! Its so liberating to not stop in gas stations or seek out cheap fuel but to simply plug in at home anytime and top up.
Instant acceleration is effortless and very quick with cruising speeds and beyond no problem. My running cost for energy is about one sixth that of fossil fuel. The Leaf is also a connected car with computer or smart phone access enabling control of the A/C or heating or charging remotely and/or feedback to Nissan if any malfunction happens.
So far the only negative to this new experience is adapting to the one digital readout that informs of miles left to empty. At first its scary to see it drop by several miles until you realise it can also go up. This readout is only an average device based on instant inputs ( acceleration/speed/heater A/C settings) at any given moment and can add miles with regen or just by calming down your driving. I have now learned to almost ignore it and depend on the bars of the energy/fuel gauge instead.
The other aspect that deserves mention is when opting for one of these cars is to consider how its to be used and if you are willing to compromise on its range. Ninety nine per cent of my journeys are within its range but if I choose to go beyond this it has to be planned by knowing where chargers are located and the time required to top up. Here in the UK the Gov. backed scheme was quick to install a free charger in my garage a plus. At present all public chargers (and there are many) are free to use plus Nissan dealers allow free top ups. The only negative with public units is they can be controlled by different entities which means an owner has to seek out this info in order to obtain different swipe cards to use each type charger, I have three!
Most chargers at supermarkets for example are low capacity units only adding about 10 to 12 miles in an hour so if your stay is less its not worth bothering, motorway rest areas have high capacity units boosting a depleted battery up to 80% in thirty minutes.
Hope this has been informative, I will endeavour to answer any questions.

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