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Financial crisis: Tesla's Model S delayed

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Written on: 18 October 2008 [22:08]
Topic creator
registered since: 20.07.2007
Posts: 586
Also Tesla Motors is not exempted from the effects of the financial crisis. Elon Musk, chairman of the Board and CEO has announced that the company will focus on the two revenue producing business lines such as the Roadster and the powertrain sales to other companies.

Due to the consolidations of operations there will also be a headcount reduction he said.

While TM is still committed to the Model S, detailed production engineering is reduced until the Department of Energy loan guarantee becomes effective. The net result is a production start delay of about 6 months to mid 2011.

Written on: 07 December 2011 [06:44]
registered since: 19.11.2011
Posts: 16
The Tesls Model S is set for release mid-2012, so 1 year from now. Make that fall 2012 with the delays that are bound to occur. There are already 4500 reservations in place, that is probably the complete production of year 1 (they are saying they will produce 5000 in 2012, do you believe that?). So you are looking at earliest delivery mid-2013, 2 years from now. If you switch you are probably setting yourself for another long, disappoiting wait. Groundhog Day comes to mind.

The Model is faster (compared to the Karma's Stealth-mode) and cheaper, those are strong points. The design is a personal choice. But real range will more likely be 220-250 than 300 miles (if the real range of the Leaf is any indication). Which means the maximum round trip without overnight stay will get you to a spot 120 miles away, and that is stretching (sweating) it. Something to consider if you don't have a second car. My brother has pre-ordered one, but he never goes further than 70-80 miles. banghead.gifbanghead.gificon_eek.gifbanghead.gifbanghead.gif

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