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Tesla Roadster

Author Message
Written on: 10 February 2008 [11:36]
Topic creator
registered since: 20.07.2007
Posts: 586
TM has received all approvals (EPA, DOT, FMVSS) to start selling the vehicle in the US. The first car will go to Elon Musk, Chairman of Tesla Motors. Series production is planned to start in March 2008.

Written on: 18 March 2008 [20:21]
Topic creator
registered since: 20.07.2007
Posts: 586
It was announced yesterday that Tesla Motors has commenced production of its Tesla Roadster.

The following statement was made:
"With this milestone, the Tesla Roadster is the only zero emission electric vehicle in production today – this is in stark contrast to the others who only talk about their future plans. Tesla’s remarkable achievement validates the vision, ingenuity, hard work and commitment of Tesla’s employees."

This is not entirely true in my opinion as there are electric vehicles available for sale. Some of them already for many years...But I agree that there are no full-blown electric cars respectively sports cars available except the Tesla Roadster. This is even more true when looking at the US market.

Do you agree?

Written on: 18 March 2008 [21:35]
registered since: 14.08.2007
Posts: 140
It's marketing hype, and he knows it.

Specific to the US (ignoring forgien manufacturers like FINE Mobile), he's selectively chosen to ignore the NEV (neighborhood electric vehicles) as an electric vehicle. Global Electric Motorcars have been making them for years -- highly customized golf carts, basically.

Then there's the Zap Xebra, a Chinese import to the US that is technically a motorcycle by law, yet it IS an electric vehicle.

Lost a lot of respect for them with that statement... I could go up to Evanston IL and buy a Zap Xebra today, for between 10-15,000, and apply for US$4,000 back from the State of Illinois. Could I get a Tesla today? No.

Say yours is the best, highlight where your vehicle excels over your 'competition' but there's no need to lie... you start sounding like the big 3 auto makers "Yeah, we're gonna give you an electric car... it's coming... it's coming -- don't buy theirs"

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 19.03.2008 at 11:07.]

Written on: 31 May 2008 [16:05]
registered since: 31.05.2008
Posts: 75
Unfortunately, much as I hope Tesla Motors will succeed, I must agree. It was a vast overstatement. There are not only NEVs (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles) but also other types of vehicles being produced, such as motorbikes and even electric bicycles.

An *honest* statement would have been "The Tesla Roadster is now the only highway-capable fully electric automobile in production today."

And even at that, it's glossing over the fact that the Tesla Roadster is only a *limited production* vehicle, the type termed "hand assembled", and will never go into what can be described as full mass production. That's not to slam Tesla; ramping up a company from a new start-up to a manufacturing capacity to turn out tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of vehicles a year is extremely difficult, and is not gonna happen in just a few years.

But even if Tesla never makes another car, they have changed the paradigm in this country. An all-electric car is now seen as something which it will eventually be possible to build and sell to the general public.

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 31.05.2008 at 16:06.]

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