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Let me explain why I drive an EV...
My first vehicle is my pair of walking shoes - I use them every day and anywhere
My second vehicle is my mountain bike (a Cannondale Prophet Lefty with Rohloff gears) - I use it mainly on holidays (1 month/year) and in weekends
My third vehicle is my TWIKE ) - I use it daily for commuting to work and between my properties, for shopping and for social activities
My fourth vehicle is my horse - I used to use it before Belgium got chock-full with stressed people, and I will need it again when the modern world comes to an end (whether by natural or man-made disaster)
My fifth vehicle is my old Toyota LandCruiser - I use it for heavy duty transportation work on the farms, and for the longer kind of trips in group with my family
My sixth vehicle is public transportation - mostly planes and trains for long-distance travel (usually accompanied by my bike)
My seventh vehicle is my iPhone and the Internet - I use them constantly, because they allow me to reach you without becoming mobile !

At a glance
Bart Viaene
Vehicle Type
My Homebase
Leuven, Belgium
Battery Type
LiOn 25 Ah
E-mail Address
E-Mail Address
Vehicle Weight
250 kg
My Website
Range per Charge
Up to 200 km
I drive electric since...
Seating Capacity
2, plus luggage
Miles driven per year
Price Information
see http://www.twike.de
My EV is powered by...
Lithium-Manganese Ion batteries and... pedals !

What else you might want to know
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